We had this brilliant idea last summer to bring our kids along on a work day.  Like a ‘Bring Your Daughter To Work” day of sorts.  Do you remember those??  I used to go every year when I was a kid.  I thought it was the best thing ever, even though my mom preferred I didn’t follow her footsteps to the Post Office. (To her delight, I did not.)  But who doesn’t want to find out what their mom does when they leave for an entire day of work??  I thought I had been let in on some big secret. And I got to miss a whole day of school and go home with all sorts of office supply goodies.  Seriously??  BEST DAY EVER!  Thanks, Mom!  You know how those go as a kid.  So we wanted to give some of those same awesome memories to our kids.

What better day to bring kids along than the day you’re interviewing businesses that sell ice cream??  The best right?  We thought, so, too.  And while I can probably say it was one of my most exhausting work days EVER (I didn’t know a hard work day until I was doing it AND being mom to 3 kids at the same time… chaos is a good descriptor), it was also one of my most enjoyable work days ever.  And one I know my kids won’t forget.  One of them continues to ask when she can return to work with us.  She’s the entrepreneur of my littles.  I love that about her.  It’s been such a wonderful example for her to watch me go out and chase my dreams with photography after investing so much into a different career in a previous time of my life.

The morning started at Vitaly Caffe, with lots of energy and gusto for our fun day.  What made it even more fun was that Maurizio, the owner of Vitaly Caffe, loves to feed kids his gelato!  They were in for some treats with Maurizio.

Vitaly Web-30

Check out all their hearts!  Are they ready to love on Costa Mesa (I mean ice cream), or what??

Vitaly Web-36

Sweet treats!  The kids got to try some fresh gellato straight out of the machine.

Vitaly Web-53

Look at that deliciousness…

Vitaly Web-57

Try a flavor!  Any flavor!

Vitaly Web-15

They Heart Vitaly Gellato!

Vitaly Web-80

Check out Vitaly Caffe at The Camp for lots of yummy Italian foods and treats!

After lots and lots of gellato tasting, the 5 taste testers (aka. kids) were hopped up on sugar and needed some run time.  We went to one of their Costa Mesa faves, Tewinkle Park.  These kids know no bounds with their energy level.  Honestly, where do they get it all?!?  The moms were zapped before we even got to the second shoot!

TeWinkle Park Web Size-48

We didn’t have long before it was time to head over to America’s Cup for our second shoot of the day.  You can imagine, at this point, how the kids feel about eating more ice cream.  Completely stoked!!  Plus, this time they got to get their own cup of ice cream, and douse it with whatever toppings their little hearts desired.  It was fun to watch.  By this point, I was so exhausted from chasing the 3 year old around, I could barely see straight through my viewfinder!

America's Cup Web Size-2

Toppings and toppings and toppings, oh my!

America's Cup Web Size-39

The very sweet owner of America’s Cup, Steve!

America's Cup Web Size-30

The kids enjoyed their treats…

America's Cup Web Size-33

and treats…

America's Cup Web Size-16

and treats.

America's Cup Web Size-45

And then they were interviewed for I Heart Costa Mesa about their experience!  Made their day.  You can read their sweet interviews here.

America's Cup Web Size-57

It was a yummy, energetic, hilariously sweet and hysterical day with our kiddos, on our very own version of “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day”.  I wonder what we will do next year?!?