We are so glad to be back in the swing of learning and field trips.  It’s been such a fun month of learning!  We went to visit the gorgeous Mission San Juan Capistrano.  I’d never been to this mission specifically, it was quite impressive in it’s beauty and history!  I wish I had been able to look at more of it, and take more photos, but…I had a 2.5 year old with me.  And the first rule they gave us as we came in was “No Running!  No climbing on the adobe bricks!  Keep voices down!”  Ugh.  Those 3 things are a toddlers’ dream!  Still, it was a lovely time, and some of the moms were able to teach my kiddos some stuff while I chased that little one all over the place!  These might seem scattered, because I was scattered, but here’s some Mission beauty!


2015-02-03_0027They had to sit with an actual class of school kids.  It was pretty funny.  Kaylan looked up at me at one point and said “Mommy, this is feeling a little too much like school for me.” She is such a home school kid!

2015-02-03_0043The most fun part of this field trip (per my kids) was making their very own adobe brick!  They even got to name them and bring them home!  Kaylan was thrilled that they use “poop” in the adobe brick recipe, so hers was named “Poopy Pants”. Isn’t that lovely?  And Curren named hers Bricky.

2015-02-03_0029 2015-02-03_0035 2015-02-03_0030 2015-02-03_0033 2015-02-03_0034 2015-02-03_0028 2015-02-03_0031 2015-02-03_0044 2015-02-03_0036 2015-02-03_0041This little guy is a ham, and usually lets me take all the pics of want of him.  WHAT????  A kid that let’s me take all the pics I want??  I’m all over that like white on rice.

2015-02-03_0042He’s catching drool!!  Ha!  Love him!

2015-02-03_0020The swallows nests, though the swallows no longer return.  They believe it’s because there is too much activity there now and it scared away the swallows.  They look almost like giant wasps nests!


2015-02-03_0037 2015-02-03_0038 2015-02-03_0021And we fed the koi fish for a while.  Jordi’s first time.  She had a blast.  It brings my heart joy to see her blossoming and growing up.  She loves this crew of kids that take care of her like she is their own!

2015-02-03_0022 2015-02-03_0023 2015-02-03_0024Curren’s partner that day.  They did lots of learning together.

2015-02-03_0025 2015-02-03_0032 2015-02-03_0040 2015-02-03_0026


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