What a crazy month February has been.  I’m having a hard time believing that we are already almost finished with the second month of 2015.  I mean, Christmas is only 10 months away!!  Yay!  JK.  I can definitely wait for Christmas.  Anyway, here’s some random parts of our crazy month, because, well, sometimes I just get random stuff!


This is some of the amazing momma’s in our group knitting and crocheting at park day.  It’s such a nice, relaxing time to hang out with our friends, have some adult interaction, and get your knit on!  They have been so kind to even get me going on my very own knitting project, which is almost complete.  The array of talent in our group is astounding, and I’m always learning something new from these people!

2015-02-24_0001 2015-02-24_0002 2015-02-24_0003


And here are some more random ones.  Jordi loves this little vintage dress I found in a vintage store a couple of years ago.  She calls it her “tiny dress” (even standing here next to me as I write this), and is often used in her repertoire of dresses she puts on daily.  This girl really will go through 3-8 dresses per day depending on what we are doing!  She’s very fashion forward  😛  I have plans to do a photo shoot with this pretty dress in a pretty field with gorgeous light in that beautiful red hair… do you see it?!?  I’ll just have to show you when I take it  😀



Croquet anyone?  They’re learning some fun new games at park day.  Sports class is coming soon, can’t wait to see them do that!  Hopefully they have more coordination than their mother…  Que iPhone photos from here!


The girls informed me that we had never been to a donut shop where they could pick out their own donuts.  SAY WHAAAA???  We remedied that right quick. I mean, what kid hasn’t been able to pick a donut out from the donut shop?  Apparently my kids.  It was a fun time, and they were stoked.  It’s the little things.


And last but not randomly least, some of the things Curren has been doing.  She made a board game to play, weaved her doll a hat (I accidentally had her make it too small for  her head  😀 ), learning about air pressure in science class, and making some bouncy balls out of elastic polymer!  We have some serious fun around here!




Ok, that’s it for the randomness, for now. If you would like your life captured in photos, contact me today!