The final field trip for March (that I took photos of).  We also took a trip to the Santa Ana Zoo last month.  Curren took a Bird Lab class that has gotten her interested in dissecting owl pellets (read owl vomit balls).  We’ve gotten her some, but you’ll have to wait until the April blog posts to see what that looks like!  This field trip here is the one we took to the Heritage Hill Historical Park.  Beautiful place!  Jordi’s pig tails make their debut here  😉  I noticed, yet again, putting these together, that I completely missed out on all the beautiful buildings they had there.  The schoolhouse was so cute!  Jordi had me running.  Go check it out if you have a free afternoon to browse!

2015-04-19_0046 2015-04-19_0043 2015-04-19_0041“Old School” punishment.  Stick your nose on the hole and hold up your foot, or hold the books up.  Kaylan was NOT happy when this was over!

2015-04-19_0042 2015-04-19_0039 2015-04-19_0045 2015-04-19_0044 2015-04-19_0047 2015-04-19_0049 2015-04-19_0048 2015-04-19_0040


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