Spring has sprung!  We’ve been livin’ it up outside as much as we can.  So beautiful!  Curren tried out a fashion class at Fashion Camp with her friends. She loved it!  My little fashionista in the making…

2015-04-19_0027And we had a family bonfire.  Beautiful weather, beautiful sunset, yummy smore’s.  Only so many photos.  I was busy havin’ fun!

2015-04-19_0028 2015-04-19_0031This girl!!!!  My heart.

2015-04-19_0030 2015-04-19_0032Here’s me including myself in the photos!  That’s my shadow, and there’s everyone else  😀

2015-04-19_0029 2015-04-19_0036 2015-04-19_0035 2015-04-19_0034 2015-04-19_0037 2015-04-19_0033


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