Onto another March adventure, whale watching!! This was so much fun, the kids had a blast. I probably blogged about our trip whale watching in April 2014, and we didn’t see anything while we were out, so they gave us vouchers to come back and try again. So here we went! We actually saw a whale, and tracked her for a bit, and some other sea life. It was a beautiful day to be out on the boat in the sun.  This was Jordi’s first time on a boat like this, she really enjoyed herself.  This was also our first day ever giving her a ponytail.  I was kind of obsessed with it, but saved you from all the pictures of it.  Haha!  It was adorable.  The other 2 wanted their hair up so it wouldn’t blow around, so Jordi wanted hers up, too.  It’s still too short, but we did what we could.  She has since moved onto some really darn tootin’ cute pigtails, which you will see in posts to come.

2015-04-19_0025 2015-04-19_0024 2015-04-19_0023 2015-04-19_0022 2015-04-19_0021 2015-04-19_0020 2015-04-19_0014My babies!


2015-04-19_0017 2015-04-19_0016 2015-04-19_0015 2015-04-19_0018 2015-04-19_0019And the beautiful sunset we came home to that evening.  It was a lovely day.




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