I realized 2 things this morning… 1) I really am not very good at remembering to write my blog posts in a timely manner, and 2) I’m really having a hard time photographing a complete story when there’s a certain 2 year old who just won’t stay in one place!  Don’t get me wrong… I love her independent, strong willed spirit, and the fact that she is taking the world by storm with her tiny body and big personality.  However, being a lifestyle photographer, I love to tell the whole story of how I see things through my eye.  It’s my way of expression.  I’m way better at it than using my words!  When I scroll through my photos at the end of something I wanted to document, sometimes I feel a pang of sadness that I missed a shot, or didn’t capture something I had intended.  I was feeling that way last night, as I was going through photos from a whale watching trip we went on, (I mean seriously, chasing an independent 2 year old around a whale watching boat, while trying to take photos?!?  I was a mess!), and then felt it again this morning, going through photos for today’s blog post.  I’m Type A, I like my organization and completion and everything in it’s place perfectly where I want it to be.  “WHERE IS MY COMPLETE STORY!?!?!?” I was asking myself.

Here’s what I learned for myself… The photos I’m missing in the story?  Those are the moments I’m spending with my kids, asking and answering questions, exploring the world, enjoying each other.  The moments I’m sad about missing in the story?  Those are the moments my kids remember me spending with them, instead of trying to get a photo out of them.  The sadness that I wasn’t able to capture a whole story the way I saw it?  My kids are only this age for so many years.  Soon, there will be no 2 year old trailing at my feet, the kids won’t be interested in spending every moment with me, and I will have every opportunity to tell any story I want to it’s fruition.  So for now, my lesson learned, is to tell my story, the best I can, 2, 5, and 6 year old under foot, and with no sadness over what I didn’t capture.  For those moments are captured in my heart, and more importantly, in the hearts of my kids!  In a time of artistic and personal growth and self criticism, I needed to learn this lesson, so I can move on and keep documenting my life the best I can, and be happy with what I get.

So, without further ado, here is our our field trip to Union Station and Olvera Street in Los Angeles.  It was a fun, crazy, chaotic day.  And yes, the story is very incomplete!  I was a helicopter mom in this train station that was full of people and moving trains and all that jazz.  And again, the 2 year old that just can’t sit still 😀


2015-03-15_0001 2015-03-15_0002 2015-03-15_0003 2015-03-15_0004 2015-03-15_0005 2015-03-15_0007 2015-03-15_0008 2015-03-15_0006 2015-03-15_0009


If you would like to have your life captured in photos (don’t worry, I’ll leave the 2 year old at home), contact me today!