Making art with other people makes me feel insanely joyful. This session was no exception to that rule. The way this tiny glimpse of time and these photos made me feel were beyond words, I find so much gratitude in the growth and self-actualization that art provides. It’s like an addiction that I have to keep feeding.

Best part about this session: being so connected to the earth and life and my being and soul while experiencing and capturing someone else being connected to the earth and life and their being and soul. It’s what I imagine the word “namaste” actually feeling like. It transcended space and time and was refreshing to my spirit.

Funniest part about the session: It’s a toss-up between the guy catcalling to my client while simultaneously tripping on sand and eating it, OR, me having to drive home in my unmentionables because I got absolutely soaked by that beautiful ocean. Peeps were staring. It’s Orange County, aren’t people usually driving partially nude?? It was totally worth it.

This session was 100% creativity unleashed with this belly dancing beauty who braved her gorgeous soul out on the sand that day. It was an honor to collaborate and make this vulnerable, beautiful art.

Are you looking for some unique, artistic portraits of yourself? Let’s talk and collaborate and create something timeless that you’ll love forever. It will always be worth it.

With love and joy,


Belly Dancing Girl B. Young Forever Photography Portrait Beach Art-1