I never knew how much the saying “It takes a village to raise a child” was true until I had a few of those children myself.  I’m three kids into this parenting game, and some (read: most) days I’m ready to scream out for my village (or whoever is wiling) to come and save me from the insanity that can be my chaotic house.  Other days, I’m reaching out to my village to share in the joys and triumphs of my children, who make my heart so full I feel like it could literally burst sometimes.  The village is important.  Everyone needs one.  When you become a parent, you’ll likely seek one out if you don’t already have one.

This particular village was a spectacular village.  There was so much love and laughter and support, you could feel it surrounding you.  See it sparking in their eyes as they looked at each other.  It was quite a privilege to be let in to tell this part of their beautiful story.  Best friends often go through everything together.  Breakups, breakouts, bad clothes, bad relationships, bad jobs, college, roommates, more boyfriends, graduation, marriage, babies, the works!  These best friends are no different.  In fact, I got to photograph FIVE best friends, experiencing one of the best milestones you could ask for in life, having babies!!  Ok, only 2 of those friends were actually pregnant, but those babies have a LOT of love coming their way.  It was truly such a joy to spend time with these guys and capture this amazing time in their life.

Not so true to California weather, mother nature had us going for this shoot.  It was POURING rain the morning of our first scheduled shoot day.  It was less than ideal settings.  As in, usually I’d cancel!  But knowing this would be the only day we could have them all together for some group shots, we just went with it anyway.  I’m so glad we did.  We ended up doing 3 separate sessions, with 3 separate groupings of people.  Enjoy a rather long photo montage (and commentary) on our time together!

2016-04-25_0003 2016-04-25_0004

I asked them what their fave pass time is with each other.  They said singing.  WHAT?? Please, serenade!  And oh did they, with one of my favorite Journey songs!


As good women tend to do, they brought these two good man together.  BFF’s.


Hold the baby, caress the baby…don’t drop the baby!!  😀  Dad’s having fun making some surprise pics for their ladies at the end of our rainy day!


So, it was so good that we immediately rescheduled the photos for the next weekend, because one mamma went into labor early!  And baby boy Steck was born almost before I could even finish Mama Steck’s photos!  These friends were entirely too adorable together.  I couldn’t help but have a great time with them.

2016-04-25_0006 2016-04-25_0007 2016-04-25_0011

We were professionals at squeezing in as many shots as we could in this evening.  We had some gorgeous light!

2016-04-25_0015 2016-04-25_0017 2016-04-25_0016 2016-04-25_0012 2016-04-25_0013 2016-04-25_0009 2016-04-25_0010

“…and she loved a little boy.” The Giving Tree.  Love.


Several weeks later, we got the rest of the photos in!  I couldn’t be happier that we were able to reschedule and get

all the photos in that these guys were hoping to get before their bundles arrived.

2016-04-25_0027 2016-04-25_0030 2016-04-25_0029 2016-04-25_0026 2016-04-25_0025

These love birds had some amazing chemistry!

2016-04-25_0024 2016-04-25_0022 2016-04-25_0023 2016-04-25_0020 2016-04-25_0018 2016-04-25_0021 2016-04-25_0019

Ahhhhh so much beauty with these ladies!  A big thank you to Laurelyn, Tara, Greg, Josh, and Bria for allowing me to tell this part of your story.  It was an honor.  <3