We have met some seriously big hearted, generous people while out hearting Costa Mesa.  You don’t want to know how many times I’ve broken down into tears of joy and happiness so far on this project!  I’d say it’s embarrassing, but it’s actually not embarrassing to find that there are so many good people left in this world, willing to help others find a better, more fulfilling life.  There are many of these people in Costa Mesa.  31 Bits is just one of them.  The Maven, in all her writing prowess, does them better justice here.

The women who created 31 Bits are amazing in their own right, and what they have created is just phenomenal.  I was in awe as I sat and listened to this empire they have built in Uganda that is bettering the lives of those women and children, every single day.  You can check out all of their amazingness here, and they have these wonderful videos about how these women’s lives have been directly impacted here (I ugly cried during these videos, seriously beautiful work being done in these lives), and more information on how they are impacting  Uganda here.  Every single purchase from 31 Bits helps to empower these women who are fighting for their lives to make a better life for them and their children.  Check out some photos, read their stories, shop for some bits, empower women! <3

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