Life in Photos ~ November 2014, Part 2

Life in Photos ~ November 2014, Part 2

I feel super lucky as a homeschooling mom to have found such an amazing homeschooling group.  We seriously get to go on the COOLEST field trips!  Tuesday’s are Field Trip days, and we are usually always excited for whatever the adventure is!  One of our field trips this month was on a tour through the Newport Beach Police Department.  I think I have mentioned this before, but one of my fave things about homeschooling, is that I am also a life learner alongside my kiddos, and I’m learning so much cool stuff!  Sometimes Curren will educate me on some neat facts she has learned on her own time, too 😉  it’s really fun.


Anyway, here’s the photos from the Newport Beach Police Department!  My kids were not sure what exactly the “police department” was before we got there.  I asked them if they knew what it meant to be in jail, and they said “that’s when someone does something really bad, so they get locked up in a cage for a long time!”  Somewhat of an accurate description, kids!



2014-11-26_0001We had a very awesome and sweet volunteer crew leading us around the department.

2014-11-26_0004They had their own shooting range inside their not very big building!  They gave us all the safety briefings, and taught the kids what they should do if they ever come across another child with a gun.  The kids came up with some good solutions!

2014-11-26_0002Clear your weapon!


2014-11-26_0006 2014-11-26_0007They got to see some neat things, climb through the police car and see inside, they saw the juvenile detention center and holding room (they definitely thought it was boring in there and said they would NEVER do anything bad to be taken there!), the entrance to the jail, and met the jailer!  I think they were most excited to get a Newport Beach Police Department sticker, similar to the patch below.

“Stop in the name of the law!”

2014-11-26_0005The 911 dispatch room.  We thought this was pretty neat.  There were no serious calls that came in while we were there!

2014-11-26_0009 2014-11-26_0008Our attempt at a group photo in front of the department.  It was a great time!



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Life in Photos ~ October 2014, Part 4

Life in Photos ~ October 2014, Part 4

Let the fun continue…


Time for a field trip to the Los Angeles Arboretum!  It was beauti

ful!  For being in a bustling city, I felt amazing peace and tranquility at this place.  You could walk for hours and not see the same thing twice.  We loved it!

2014-11-02_0010The peafowl were roaming around the Arboretum at their leisure, so neat to be amongst them! Really beautiful creatures.


2014-11-02_0011 2014-11-02_0012 2014-11-02_0013How many parents does it take to get a group of homeschool kids to sit at once?  You don’t want to know! LOL

2014-11-02_0014There’s a kid missing from this daddy photo op, but she tends to steer far clear of my camera when she’s exploring.

2014-11-02_0021 2014-11-02_0020I love this child and her exuberant confidence!

2014-11-02_0019Curren’s creation

2014-11-02_0017 2014-11-02_0018 2014-11-02_0001 2014-11-02_0016


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Life in Photos ~ October 2014, Part 1

Life in Photos ~ October 2014, Part 1

Oh my goodness!  October has passed me by without an update on all the fun we have been having!  It has been a crazy month full of homeschooling and classes and field trips and Halloween activities and family trips and all sorts of stuff!  I didn’t even get to blog about this great field trip we took at the very end of September last month.  We had a tour called the First Californian’s at the Heritage Museum of Orange County.  It was a neat followup field trip to the one we had the previous week on Native Americans.  The kids were excited to be able to use their new knowledge to be able to answer some questions and reinforce all of the interesting facts they’d been taking in.



My fellow photographers joining in some photography fun  😉


These are models of the homes the Native Americans would build, depending on location, available resources to be used, and how long they would be staying in the home.


Abalone and hooves turned into rattles.  They had to hand drill each of the holes to string through.  Hard, delicate work!


They are all so curious and funny.  There’s never a dull day.


Grinding corn for food!  More hard work…


They even got to make little shakers to be part of a drum circle.  Dance it out, Kaylan!  No photos of the drum circle, though.  I was too busy shakin’ my sillies out with all these awesome kids!

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Life in Photos ~ September 2014, Part 3

Life in Photos ~ September 2014, Part 3

Let’s go to the farm!  We love field trips in our family.  Our kids are hands on learners, and they love to experience new things and find out new facts about the world around them.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned from homeschooling, it’s that this saying is true: Kids brains are sponges for information!  It’s amazing to me the facts that these kids can memorize and use at a moment’s notice.  They even know quite a bit that *gasp* I don’t!  That’s another thing I’ve learned from homeschooling.  I have so much to learn!!  It’s kind of fun.  It’s like rediscovering all the information you once learned as a child.  It’s all so interesting, and I’ve been enjoying all these conversations with the kids about the different things they know and are learning about.  Makes this momma happy!  Here’s our latest trip to Centennial Farm in Costa Mesa, CA.  They have some educational programs available that look very neat. I’m hoping we can do one of them soon, the girls (all 3 of them!) really loved it here!


Little baby chicks!  They were so cute!




And baby calfs!  They were so cute, too, but not too thrilled that we were bothering them.  So we didn’t for long.

2014-09-21_0031 2014-09-21_0017 2014-09-21_0030 2014-09-21_0025

The coolest thing we saw this day were all the piglets!  I think we counted 12 in one pen, and 1 in the other.  We must have arrived around feeding time, because not too long after we showed up at their pen, this momma was attacked by 10 of her piglets for some food!  She had no choice but to just fall on her side and let them eat.  I have  new respect for momma pigs, and the ferocity with which their babies eat.  “Go momma go!” is what we were saying to her.

2014-09-21_0020 2014-09-21_0022 2014-09-21_0021 2014-09-21_0023

Momma and baby.  A biiiiiiig momma.  So big I had a hard time getting a picture of her bigness!


This pretty peacock was evading me.  He was so beautiful.  I love these birds!


Hahaha!  I love these kids.


She wishes she could really milk this cow!


Dreads, anyone?


Daddy gave the girls a little bit of history and information on the cotton plant.  They thought it was so cool that their clothes came from a plant!  They never knew.  They even picked up a piece that had fallen off the plant and got to take it with them, which they thought was pretty awesome!  This place also has a HUGE garden area meant for educational purposes.  So we got to explore some of the neat things they were growing, also.  Such a fun place!

2014-09-21_0019 2014-09-21_0018




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Life in Photos ~ September 2014, Part 2

Life in Photos ~ September 2014, Part 2

I had forgotten about this neat field trip we went on.  It was nearing the end of the “summer break”, and we wanted to get some more beach time in!  There’s a very cool educational program at Bolsa Chica State Beach, and they love to have homeschool groups.  Yay for us!  The kids had this educational talk with one of the park rangers, and they really enjoyed that they knew so many of the answers to her onslaught of questions about sea life.  Apparently Wild Kratt’s is a popular show among our crew of kids!  After their talk about the ocean, we were able to participate in a group beach clean up, which is always needed!  It was nice to do a service project with the kids and help them learn why it is so important to respect our Earth and the life on it, and to keep it as clean as we can.  They even had a really good time doing it!  After our learning excursion, the kids were more than ready to get in a couple of hours of beach fun with all of their friends.  Their energy knows no bounds!  The moms got to hang out, too, which we always, always enjoy.




What happens to a dolphin if they do not have a dorsal fin?  They spin in circles!  Their dorsal fin is what helps them to swim in the direction they need to! I swear I’m learning something new every day with all this “elementary level” education…



A piece of whale baleen to touch and sniff, so cool!

2014-09-22_0008 2014-09-22_0007

Time to clean up!  The most popular question I heard: “Why do people leave their trash on the beach?!?  Don’t they care about our environment??”  Future environmentalists, calling!

2014-09-22_0001 2014-09-22_0002

We work hard, and we play hard.

2014-09-22_0003 2014-09-22_0004


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Life in Photos~ September 2014, Part 1

Life in Photos~ September 2014, Part 1

September is a long, busy month in our house. Lots of birthdays, new classes started, and the beginning of our unschooling year has begun, which means so have some pretty cool field trips. So much to do! So much to take pictures of! So much life learning to take part in! Here’s some of the things we have done so far this month…


One of our field trips this month was to the ENC in Newport Beach.  I can’t say enough great things about this place.  We had, yet again, a super awesome tour guide that was SO good with helping the kids stay focused and learning for the whole 2 hour tour.  All of the kids really enjoyed all of the hands on activities learning about the Native Americans from the area.  We will definitely be going back here for some more learning, per kid request!



Catching some ducks the way the Tongva and Achumen did.





A Tongva celebration!




How Native Americans made holes in shells to make necklaces.  Hard work!



Even their string making was labor intensive.




It was quite a warm day for this tour.  The kids were loving that their tour guide was spraying them in the face and mouth whenever they requested.  Line it up!



“I’ve got my eye on you!”






A game to build friendship and trust among the Native Americans.





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