Life in Photos ~ March 2015, Part 5

Life in Photos ~ March 2015, Part 5

The final field trip for March (that I took photos of).  We also took a trip to the Santa Ana Zoo last month.  Curren took a Bird Lab class that has gotten her interested in dissecting owl pellets (read owl vomit balls).  We’ve gotten her some, but you’ll have to wait until the April blog posts to see what that looks like!  This field trip here is the one we took to the Heritage Hill Historical Park.  Beautiful place!  Jordi’s pig tails make their debut here  😉  I noticed, yet again, putting these together, that I completely missed out on all the beautiful buildings they had there.  The schoolhouse was so cute!  Jordi had me running.  Go check it out if you have a free afternoon to browse!

2015-04-19_0046 2015-04-19_0043 2015-04-19_0041“Old School” punishment.  Stick your nose on the hole and hold up your foot, or hold the books up.  Kaylan was NOT happy when this was over!

2015-04-19_0042 2015-04-19_0039 2015-04-19_0045 2015-04-19_0044 2015-04-19_0047 2015-04-19_0049 2015-04-19_0048 2015-04-19_0040


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Life in Photos ~ March 2015, Part 4

Life in Photos ~ March 2015, Part 4

March was SO full of field trips.  They were so much fun, the kids learned a ton, I didn’t even get to take pics at all of them like I wanted to because I was so behind on editing as it was.  I think March was the month I petered out and started wishing for summer.  Homeschooling has me HAD this year!  Ok, I still have enough in me to finish out the school year (Let’s go May!).  But wow, our learning and fun this year has been so incredible and fun and overwhelming and exhausting.  I am looking forward to a summer full of beach days and pool days and fun in the sun!  That should surely be relaxing right??

Here’s a field trip we took to Hidden Valley Nature Center last month in Riverside.  They got to make their own toothpaste to take home and use, even Jordi!  The kids were regurgitating facts for days after, and still tell me I’m putting rocks on my face every time they see me put makeup on.  I always think those are successful ones!  It was a gorgeous day out in nature with friends.

2015-04-19_0050 2015-04-19_0051 2015-04-19_0060 2015-04-19_0061 2015-04-19_0052 2015-04-19_0059 2015-04-19_0053 2015-04-19_0054 2015-04-19_0055 2015-04-19_0056 2015-04-19_0062 2015-04-19_0057 2015-04-19_0058


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Life in Photos ~ March 2015, Part 1

Life in Photos ~ March 2015, Part 1

I realized 2 things this morning… 1) I really am not very good at remembering to write my blog posts in a timely manner, and 2) I’m really having a hard time photographing a complete story when there’s a certain 2 year old who just won’t stay in one place!  Don’t get me wrong… I love her independent, strong willed spirit, and the fact that she is taking the world by storm with her tiny body and big personality.  However, being a lifestyle photographer, I love to tell the whole story of how I see things through my eye.  It’s my way of expression.  I’m way better at it than using my words!  When I scroll through my photos at the end of something I wanted to document, sometimes I feel a pang of sadness that I missed a shot, or didn’t capture something I had intended.  I was feeling that way last night, as I was going through photos from a whale watching trip we went on, (I mean seriously, chasing an independent 2 year old around a whale watching boat, while trying to take photos?!?  I was a mess!), and then felt it again this morning, going through photos for today’s blog post.  I’m Type A, I like my organization and completion and everything in it’s place perfectly where I want it to be.  “WHERE IS MY COMPLETE STORY!?!?!?” I was asking myself.

Here’s what I learned for myself… The photos I’m missing in the story?  Those are the moments I’m spending with my kids, asking and answering questions, exploring the world, enjoying each other.  The moments I’m sad about missing in the story?  Those are the moments my kids remember me spending with them, instead of trying to get a photo out of them.  The sadness that I wasn’t able to capture a whole story the way I saw it?  My kids are only this age for so many years.  Soon, there will be no 2 year old trailing at my feet, the kids won’t be interested in spending every moment with me, and I will have every opportunity to tell any story I want to it’s fruition.  So for now, my lesson learned, is to tell my story, the best I can, 2, 5, and 6 year old under foot, and with no sadness over what I didn’t capture.  For those moments are captured in my heart, and more importantly, in the hearts of my kids!  In a time of artistic and personal growth and self criticism, I needed to learn this lesson, so I can move on and keep documenting my life the best I can, and be happy with what I get.

So, without further ado, here is our our field trip to Union Station and Olvera Street in Los Angeles.  It was a fun, crazy, chaotic day.  And yes, the story is very incomplete!  I was a helicopter mom in this train station that was full of people and moving trains and all that jazz.  And again, the 2 year old that just can’t sit still 😀


2015-03-15_0001 2015-03-15_0002 2015-03-15_0003 2015-03-15_0004 2015-03-15_0005 2015-03-15_0007 2015-03-15_0008 2015-03-15_0006 2015-03-15_0009


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Life in Photos ~ February 2015, Part 3

Life in Photos ~ February 2015, Part 3

Just another really fun field trip.  This time we trekked out to Starr Ranch Sancutary.  It was SO NICE to be out in nature for the whole day.  That’s the one thing I miss about home.  Orange County is very…crowded??  Anyway, the day of nature and sunshine and fresh air with our friends was beautiful.  We took 2 tours, one from a bird biologist who hiked us around the sanctuary, teaching us some bird calls, and talking about the habitats around us.  The second tour was from a biologist who really loves snakes, but was talking mostly about bobcats and cougars and coyotes…oh my!  We did not see any of those cats while we were there, but we were warned to keep our littlest ones by our side so they did not become running cougar bait!

2015-02-24_0029 2015-02-24_0030The pole the woodpeckers go to town on!

2015-02-24_0031Kaylan and her bestie checking out some birds.

2015-02-24_0039 2015-02-24_0034Our bird biologist, schooling us on the plant life they are researching in their sanctuary.

2015-02-24_0032She taught us some bird calls and how to listen for bird responses.

2015-02-24_0035 2015-02-24_0033The biologist told the kids they could poke sticks into the tiny spider holes, and the spiders would come out thinking it’s food.  I don’t know that she realized how long they would try this for, and how often they would stop to do it!  Look at that red hair in the middle!

2015-02-24_0038 2015-02-24_0037The other biologist taught us how to study tracks and scat to determine which animal had been around.  We learned a whole lot about poop!  Some of the kids were thrilled about that.



I truly love learning in the world with our wonderful group.  I couldn’t ask for a better learning environment for my kids.  And me!  If you’d like to have your life captured in photos, contact me today!

Life in Photos ~ January 2015, Part 4

Life in Photos ~ January 2015, Part 4

We are so glad to be back in the swing of learning and field trips.  It’s been such a fun month of learning!  We went to visit the gorgeous Mission San Juan Capistrano.  I’d never been to this mission specifically, it was quite impressive in it’s beauty and history!  I wish I had been able to look at more of it, and take more photos, but…I had a 2.5 year old with me.  And the first rule they gave us as we came in was “No Running!  No climbing on the adobe bricks!  Keep voices down!”  Ugh.  Those 3 things are a toddlers’ dream!  Still, it was a lovely time, and some of the moms were able to teach my kiddos some stuff while I chased that little one all over the place!  These might seem scattered, because I was scattered, but here’s some Mission beauty!


2015-02-03_0027They had to sit with an actual class of school kids.  It was pretty funny.  Kaylan looked up at me at one point and said “Mommy, this is feeling a little too much like school for me.” She is such a home school kid!

2015-02-03_0043The most fun part of this field trip (per my kids) was making their very own adobe brick!  They even got to name them and bring them home!  Kaylan was thrilled that they use “poop” in the adobe brick recipe, so hers was named “Poopy Pants”. Isn’t that lovely?  And Curren named hers Bricky.

2015-02-03_0029 2015-02-03_0035 2015-02-03_0030 2015-02-03_0033 2015-02-03_0034 2015-02-03_0028 2015-02-03_0031 2015-02-03_0044 2015-02-03_0036 2015-02-03_0041This little guy is a ham, and usually lets me take all the pics of want of him.  WHAT????  A kid that let’s me take all the pics I want??  I’m all over that like white on rice.

2015-02-03_0042He’s catching drool!!  Ha!  Love him!

2015-02-03_0020The swallows nests, though the swallows no longer return.  They believe it’s because there is too much activity there now and it scared away the swallows.  They look almost like giant wasps nests!


2015-02-03_0037 2015-02-03_0038 2015-02-03_0021And we fed the koi fish for a while.  Jordi’s first time.  She had a blast.  It brings my heart joy to see her blossoming and growing up.  She loves this crew of kids that take care of her like she is their own!

2015-02-03_0022 2015-02-03_0023 2015-02-03_0024Curren’s partner that day.  They did lots of learning together.

2015-02-03_0025 2015-02-03_0032 2015-02-03_0040 2015-02-03_0026


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Life in Photos ~ January 2015, Part 2

Life in Photos ~ January 2015, Part 2

After a small holiday hiatus from amazing field trips (we needed a bit of a learning break!), we are back at it and learning in the world like never before!  We went to the Laguna Beach Fire Department for a tour of their tiny yet charming Fire House!

little girl sitting inside of a fire truck kids looking at a fire truck at the fire station kids standing in front of a fire truck fire fighter talking to kids kids learning at a fire station fire fighter talking to kids fire fighter sliding down the fire poleOne of 2 fire poles left in California!  It’s a safety issue now, so they are no longer installed in fire houses.  What a bummer!  It was neat to see him go!

firefighter putting on his fire fighting equipment for kids to seeHe was showing us how quickly they have to get their fire gear on to go fight a fire, ONE MINUTE!  He was quick.

firemen explaining their fire fighting uniforms fireman crawling by kids so they can touch himShowing the kids how they crawl through houses to find people inside.  The kids took the opportunity to pet a real true fire fighter  😛

fire fighter showing kids his oxygen coming out girls with matching shoes holding hands kids in front of a fire truck at a fire station and little girl with fire hat onIt wouldn’t be a complete field trip without a complimentary FIRE HAT!

kids in front of a fire truck at the fire station fire station one sign little boy with two missing front teethWe like to take pics of all the teeth that are going missing in this group.  It’s a lot of teeth!

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