Life in Photos ~ November 2014, Part 1

Life in Photos ~ November 2014, Part 1

I’m a lover of all things fall and holiday, cold weather, sweatshirts and boots, and drinking LOTS of coffee to keep me warm.  November has not let me down in this area!  So here I am, again at the end of the month, trying to catch up with all of the life I’ve caught in photos this month.  Just wait for December…I’m am a Christmas FREAK!  I imagine I might want to post all sorts of projects and what not that we do  🙂


So while this post doesn’t really have anything to do with fall, it has to do with the spirit of giving.  One of Curren’s fave friends, Emily, turned 6 this month.  We found this cool article by Red Ted Art that we wanted to try our hand at.  Please note that this woman is FAR more talented at sewing than we are! Haha!  We got the general idea from this article, but I certainly did not go to the extent that she did.  I had to credit her adorably cute idea, because it certainly did not come from my brain!  We went to Michael’s craft store to buy our supplies.  A photo box, some jeweled stickers, miniature furniture items intended for mini doll houses, and a “sew together doll set”.  We also had some scraps at home to make the bedding that we came up with, as well as some fun paper to make the “bedroom carpet”.  I loved how insistent she was to do as much as she could by herself, and she did an excellent job!  I felt all gooey and maternal that my 6 year old was beginning her love of sewing creations.  She’s stoked to try more to give out as Christmas gifts!


2014-11-25_0002Sewing together some doll pieces…

2014-11-25_0004 2014-11-25_0005 2014-11-25_0006The doll’s new bedroom set!

2014-11-25_0003She even was able to continuously thread her own needle.  Proud mommy!

2014-11-25_0001So here’s the finished product below.  Unfortunately, the project took us some time that I forgot to use my big girl camera to take photos when we were done!  These iPhone photos will have to suffice  😉  Curren sewed the little pink pillow all by herself, with a real needle!  She did a great job.  This is an adorable idea if you have any younger girls you’re wanting to give a creative, different gift to!



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Life in Photos- July 2014, Part 2

Life in Photos- July 2014, Part 2

Something else I love about our homeschool group (check out Life in Photos- July 2014, Part 1 if you haven’t seen it!) is our weekly park days.  Never have I stayed so long at a park until I joined this group.  We enjoy a nice, 7 hour day at most park days. Yes, 7 hours at the park! I was amazed at what kids find to do with themselves when they are left with so much time to just play!  It’s become one of our favorite days of the week.  This super fun park day consisted of a few hours of box house building.  3 words- SO MUCH FUN!
















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