My baby girl, the very littlest one, turned 2 yesterday.  It’s a bittersweet birthday for me.  She’s my very last baby (for sure this time!), and while I know we are done having babies, it makes my heart a little sad to see her grow out of her baby stage.  It was just so darn cute.  Fortunately, she has this amazing, sweet, loving, loud and hilarious personality that makes me so excited to see the person she is becoming.  I just love this little lady!!  Every day is a crack up with her, and her sisters!  I always take birthday portraits of the kids, whether they like to do it or not.  Have a look at my ever so beautiful 2 year old Jordison, and that gorgeous curly red hair…


Jordi Birthday

Jordi Birthday-2

Jordi Birthday-3

Jordi Birthday-4

Jordi Birthday-5


 She was singing me one of her little song here.  I love her voice!

Jordi Birthday-9

Jordi Birthday-8

Jordi Birthday-7

Jordi Birthday-10

Jordi Birthday-11

Jordi Birthday-12

Jordi Birthday-13

Jordi Birthday-14

Jordi Birthday-15

Jordi Birthday-17

Jordi Birthday-18


Happy birthday, Jordi Bean. Momma loves you.


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