That’s me up there, in the picture. I know, that might be kinda weird. But I didn’t want to pick just ONE favorite for the year and leave anybody out, and you guys don’t see pictures of me very often, so BAM! There it is. My mug, just for you. You’re welcome. Photo by Brooke Champlin.

There’s a few things I’ve learned about the last year through putting together the “Best of 2017” slideshow:

  1. Apparently I love taking photos in portrait instead of landscape. Literally all of my faves are portrait. Videos work best with landscape. Go fig. So the best of’s are basically my favorite LANDSCAPE photo from each sesh, ya dig? I also realized that I need to start taking more landscape photos for those of you that aren’t so obsessed with portrait like I am! HAHA!

2. I spent most of the year touting to my biggest supporters that I was “mostly shooting weddings and engagements now” and not interested in “marketing for other types of photography”. Boy. Was. I. Wrong. Apparently I love shooting anything and everything, and all the people I get to meet in between. It took looking back on the year to realize that what I really, truly love about photography is capturing those moments between people that tell the story of their beautiful connection with each other. Because that’s really all we have in life that’s worthwhile, isn’t it? Our connections and love between one another? Every time I come across a photo that captures it, my soul sends sparks flying. It’s pretty freakin’ amazing, and I feel really humbled that I get to call that my job. So thanks to all of you who give me the great honor of capturing your precious connections, and staring at your faces for hours on my screen, with a giant smile and a face wet with joyful tears. You all are amazing. <3

3. I’ve come further than I give myself credit for. As an artist, I’m often looking ahead at the gap between where I am, and where I want to be, and constantly feeling the push and pull to bridge that gap as fast as I possibly can. And while I love being in that mindset for a majority of the year, it’s always good for me to check back and see how I’ve progressed, and use that to fuel the next year of kick-ass growth. If I’ve ever asked you to “just try something for me real quick” and you did it, thank you!! You’ve helped me bridge some of the gap!

4. The thing I remember most when I look back on the year is laughter. And with laughter comes joy and gratitude. I am so freaking grateful for each and every one of you that has allowed me to point my camera at your face, has put up with my dorky shenanigans for the sake of the photo, and have entrusted to me your vulnerability and connections to be preserved by the art we make together. It is truly humbling, and I am grateful every time you return to me to do it again. Thank you for supporting this wildly joyful journey!

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I now leave you with the Best (landscape photos) of 2017! I wish you a 2018 filled with whatever makes you happy!