I’m a wedding photographer. It’s the busy season. I am so grateful. And so busy.

A couple of weeks ago, my nearly 9-year-old approached me, and asked if I would have time in my schedule to book a wedding with her. She wants to put on a wedding for her beloved dolls who have fallen in love. And, because apparently I’ve raised her to understand that an artists time is worth something, she wants to pay me. In lots of love and massages. YES. Her 7-year-old sister caught wind, and wanted to be a part. She offered to pay in “dirty work”. I’m not quite sure what “dirty work” means yet, but that was a deal I was definitely willing to make. Theyย booked the shoot,ย and they began planning.

Apparently Barbie (who is lovingly named Lila, now) and Justin weren’t able to wait for their wedding day to hold their ceremony. I guess I missed it. I was a little bummed. But I was still humbly asked to shoot their formals. At the art direction of my daughter, of course. I obliged. Because, heck yes.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a more fun afternoon collaborating and creating art with my loves. All three of them came up with their own really fun and creative things to do that I probably never would have thought of. I love how kids can refresh my creativity and my soul, all at the same time.

Here’s a little snapshot of what we created together, minus the memories to last a lifetime.


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