The last few months, I’ve been not-so-quietly plugging away on a project with my good friend, The Mesa Maven, over at I Heart Costa Mesa.  We’ve been having a blast running around Costa Mesa, finding all the hidden (and not so hidden) jems that The Maven wanted to heart and shoot, but it’s been under wraps while she did her thing to get it up and live.  And now it is!  You can go check out that link for all her awesome goodness.  She even did a little post on me here, as her photographer.  She’s bound and determined to get me to move to Costa Mesa, and it’s kind of working.  I heart Costa Mesa, too!  We have met so many kind-hearted, genuine, generous, artistic, creative, driven, motivated people, it’s hard not to.

One of the first groups of people we were lucky to meet were the OC Model Engineers.  You can check out The Maven’s post about them here, she’s a much better writer than I am.  They give free train rides on their amazing little can-do trains around this gorgeous park in Costa Mesa.  Check out some photos, check out some websites, there’s more to come!  So excited to share this project with you!  It’s really opened up my eyes and my heart to what my heart loves to shoot.

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