Run to Sidecar Doughnuts!!!

Run to Sidecar Doughnuts!!!

No, literally, RUN!!  Burn as many calories as you can before you enter this place of sugary, utter doughnuttery bliss.  Then you can eat as many doughnuts as you want, and then take some home with you and eat some more.  At least, that’s what I did after this shoot.  😀  My first time to Sidecar was the only time I needed for it to top my list of doughnut shops.  And really, if Sidecar is nearby, what is the point of going to another doughnut shop?  This is no ordinary doughnut shop.  The doughnuts are a piece of art!  The Maven talks about this fantastic place here, give it a visit if you dare!  You’ll never want to go to another!

2015-05-11_0010 2015-05-11_0001Look at those maple bacon doughnuts, my fave, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. I’m drooling.

2015-05-11_0002 2015-05-11_0003 2015-05-11_0009They heart Costa Mesa, too  😀

2015-05-11_0011 2015-05-11_0012The amazing creator of these mouth watering doughnuts!

2015-05-11_0005 2015-05-11_0008 2015-05-11_0007After a fully satisfying and fun shoot at Sidecar, and flying high on sugar, we thought we were saving a lost dog.  Turns out this roly poly pug was already home, but he was so much fun to play with!  We even heart Costa Mesa dogs!


Get Your Art on at Location 1980!

Get Your Art on at Location 1980!

It’s not my plan to make you heart Costa Mesa as much as I have begun to, that’s my disclaimer, but after you see all of the awesomeness going on there, you may not be able to contain yourself!  We were at it again.  This time at Location 1980, an artist commune located on Placentia.  I think, in another life, this could have been my home!  These guys live, eat and breathe art. What a beautiful way to live!  They host art shows, art classes and figure drawing, to name a few, as well as one of my faves, which we are going to schedule soon… paint night!  These are some truly talented artists, it was really an honor to spend a couple of hours talking with them and hearing about how they are supporting and furthering the artist community in Costa Mesa and Orange County.  You can read more about them here from The Mesa Maven at I Heart Costa Mesa!  Here’s some pics I got of their space and interview…

2015-05-03_0006 2015-05-03_0004 2015-05-03_0005 2015-05-03_0013 2015-05-03_0003 2015-05-03_0001 2015-05-03_0002 2015-05-03_0007 2015-05-03_0008 2015-05-03_0009 2015-05-03_0010 2015-05-03_0012


Life in Photos ~ April 2015, Part 1

Life in Photos ~ April 2015, Part 1

Spring has sprung!  We’ve been livin’ it up outside as much as we can.  So beautiful!  Curren tried out a fashion class at Fashion Camp with her friends. She loved it!  My little fashionista in the making…

2015-04-19_0027And we had a family bonfire.  Beautiful weather, beautiful sunset, yummy smore’s.  Only so many photos.  I was busy havin’ fun!

2015-04-19_0028 2015-04-19_0031This girl!!!!  My heart.

2015-04-19_0030 2015-04-19_0032Here’s me including myself in the photos!  That’s my shadow, and there’s everyone else  😀

2015-04-19_0029 2015-04-19_0036 2015-04-19_0035 2015-04-19_0034 2015-04-19_0037 2015-04-19_0033


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