Bat Girl Turns Five

Bat Girl Turns Five

Another of my littles’ birthdays has come and gone. Kaylan turned 5 in the first week of January.  I swear this kid is way older than 5.  I swear it.  But alas, her birth date proves me wrong!  Having 3 girls, I’ve been up to my ears in pretty pink princess for over 6 years now. Way out of my element.  But in her emerging individual personality, this one has developed a love that even Daddy and I can hang with… SUPER HEROES!! I think her discovery of super heroes was like opening a door to a whole new realm of possibility.  She’s been running on all fours like Night Crawler since December.  Batman is her very favorite super hero to date, though if you ask her which her favorite is, she won’t be able to choose and will inevitably say “all of them!”   We went to the park, where she will ask to go every day, and took some birthday pictures of her.  As usual, she wasn’t interested in my agenda of shooting her birthday photos, she was more interested in getting on with her birthday.  We went bowling with friends that day (to come in another post), and then she requested steak for dinner.  Daddy’s girl!  It was a lovely day watching this beautiful spirit enjoy her special day.

little girl playing with super hero action figures on a playground little girl playing with super hero action figures on the playground little girl playing with super hero action figures on a playground little girl playing on the playgroundBest Batman sweatshirt ever.

little girl wearing a batman sweatshirt“I am Batman”

little girl wearing a batman sweatshirtDancing to her fave song on the bridge, “Breakin’ a Sweat”, a little diddy made by Skrillex and The Doors that she can’t get enough of.

little girl dancing on a trestle bridge little girl wearing giraffe socks and star wars shoesSuper hero shirt, unicorn socks, and Star Wars shoes.  Love this kid.

little girl holding a lotso huggin bear


Ahhhhhh my heart is happy.  If you would like milestones in your life captured, contact me today!

Raging at the Santa Fe Swap Meet

Raging at the Santa Fe Swap Meet

One of my most fun things to shoot in January has been this concert.  I was onstage photographing a tribute band to Rage Against the Machine, called Slaves Against the Machine.  It. Was. Awesome.  I felt all old and decrepit, showing up at a show at 8:30pm at night, when I’m usually on the way to lala land on my couch. Wondered how I was going to make it through such a late evening of shooting.  The hubs and I (he loves RATM, so he came with me to check them out) pulled up to the Santa Fe Swap Meet, and we were shocked.  I had no idea there were swap meets like this open until the late hours of the night!  How neat!  We followed the loud booms of the music to the middle of the swap meet, and feasted our eyes upon these studs rockin’ the night away.  You can check out their website to see where they are playing next, if you, too, want to follow the RAGE!  They were pretty awesome, even hubby, the music critic, agreed.  So awesome that we stayed through the rest of the concert, old, decrepit body and all.
2015-01-20_00882015-01-20_00872015-01-20_00862015-01-20_00852015-01-20_00822015-01-20_00792015-01-20_0083The singer of Slaves sounds exactly like Zack de la Roca!

2015-01-20_00782015-01-20_00772015-01-20_00752015-01-20_0091Why, yes, that IS steam coming off of his head!  He’s too hot to handle!

2015-01-20_0074 2015-01-20_0073Love, love, love this picture of my uncle.  Just livin’ and lovin’ what he’s doin’.  Love you, Uncle!

2015-01-20_0076 2015-01-20_0072 2015-01-20_0071 2015-01-20_0070 2015-01-20_0069 2015-01-20_0068 2015-01-20_0067 2015-01-20_0066 2015-01-20_0065 2015-01-20_0092 2015-01-20_0090 2015-01-20_0089 2015-01-20_0084 2015-01-20_0080These guys love their fans.



The crazy awesome dudes were so much fun to be on stage with and photograph.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to be doing this again.  It was seriously just too much fun not to!  Do you have a band I’d be stoked to take photos of?  Contact me and let’s get them done at your next show!

Life in Photos ~ December 2014, just a tad late!

Life in Photos ~ December 2014, just a tad late!

Happy New Year everybody!  I’m crawling out of my technologically deplete state of December, now halfway through January.  And it Feels. So. Good.  I know my last blog post was all about what’s coming up for BYFP, price changes, and of course, all of the holiday fun we had during Christmas time!  My favorite time of year.  Well, smack dab in the beginning of the holiday, my computer took a nose dive and had to go under for repair.  I had a good few weeks with NO COMPUTER!  It was rough going at first.  Any of my photographer friends will know, when there is no computer to edit on, whatever do I do?!?  So, I took *some* photos on my big girl camera, but ended up using my iPhone to capture many of our adventures last month.  I just had nowhere to unload all of the great photos I wanted to take if I used my camera!  But honestly, I had a fabulous time with my fam just capturing us via iPhone throughout the busy holiday.

“Where are all of your blogposts on how great your holidays were?” you ask? Well, look no further! I know this is a tad bit late, but, hey, my beautiful baby (aka my computer) is back in action, and so am I!  So you’ll find a post or two on our super fun December, and then keep your eyes open for all this catching up I have to do on blogging!  Thanks for hanging with me gang!  Here is a random smattering of photos I took in December:

kids standing in front of a christmas treeAfter seeing Big Hero 6 at the theater.  We are finally all old enough to enjoy a day at the movies!  Yippee!

sisters hugging by tree girl in front of christmas treeCurren is often times my biggest photography fan.  She always wants to assist me, and, if I ask nicely, she will let me practice on her.  Last month I tackled the challenge of taking my flash off camera.  It’s been so much fun to learn, but definitely challenging!  These were some of my first shots in figuring it all out, and, subsequently, the only ones of the kids in front of the tree without using my iPhone!

sisters hugging in front of a christmas tree little girl in a hoodie looking at camera little girl making gingerbread cookiesWe made a pass this year at making gingerbread cookies.  I was quite impressed with our results!  Not that I can’t follow a recipe or anything…but sometimes my stuff can turn out more like a science experiment than delicious treats  😀

little girl making gingerbread cookies little girl making gingerbread cookies little girl making gingerbread cookiesShe made a graph to track how many gingerbread men she made perfectly, and how many she made that were broken. Love.

little girl making gingerbread cookiesDing!  Fresh gingerbread men to eat!

kids putting icing on their gingerbread cookies kids putting icing on their gingerbread cookiesYes, I gave them each a butter knife, and access to the frosting.  And they went to town.  Those gingerbread men were mighty delish!

3 sisters sitting in front of a christmas treeThe night they saw Santa.  There are no Santa pics because, well, I’m cheap, and they wanted me to pay $30 just to take a picture with my phone!  So I sufficed with a picture of them next to the tree next to Santa.  The Santa visit was nice.  We stood in line for an hour or so, he spent a few minutes with each of them, repeating VERY loudly what they wanted for Christmas, and then he gave them a book and we were gone.

little girl in front of a christmas tree little girl drawing in front of a christmas treeLittle Miss Accessories

a daddy helping put makeup on his little girl She even got her daddy to put make-up on her.

girls riding scooters and bikes down the street little girl smelling roses on her scooterOur Christmas Eve was so nice and low key.  We went on a walk to the park, Jordi did some crazy claps of excitement for me, we saw this gorgeous sunset below, and we walked around to see some Christmas lights in the neighborhood, all before putting some cookies and milk out for the Big Man.  Then they were off to lala land so Santa (aka. Me until I fall asleep, and then hubby puts on all those wonderful magical touches that next year I’ll have to take some pics of) could fill their stockings with joy.

beautiful sunset on christmas eve little girl making rings to wear little girl making rings to wear little girl playingMy wonderful, thoughtful, sweet, amazing husband got me a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas!!  I know this might not be everyone woman’s Christmas dream lol but it sure was mine.  Lots of cooking and baking has come from this gift, one of my faves ever!  I immediately had to make him some soft pretzels that we adore.  They are seriously delicious.  Check them out if you love soft pretzels.  You’ll never go back to Auntie Annie’s again!

kithcenaid mixer being used with pretzel dough recipe pretzel dough being made homemade cookies on a plateLast but not least, the Jordi Bean, pilfering some fries and ketchup from the fridge.

little girl getting into the refridgerator to sneak fries and ketchup little girl getting into the refridgerator to sneak fries and ketchup


I know those were moderately random in appearance.  There wasn’t a lot of consistency since I used my iPhone for so many photos this month!  I hope you enjoyed our life in photos during the holiday season. If you would like to have your life captured in photos, contact me today!