Good Things Coming for BYFP! Grab This Deal While It Lasts!

Good Things Coming for BYFP! Grab This Deal While It Lasts!

Happy Holidays!!!  I hope your Thanksgivings were blessed with family and friends and good times filled with joy and love!  So excited to get this holiday season going!  Remember, I warned you that I am a Christmas freak…. here it comes!  The Christmas tree is up, the carols are on, and I am in full on Christmas mode!

If you’ve been keeping up with BYFP for a while, you know that my family made a big move out to Huntington Beach from the Inland Empire back in March of this year.  It was a long awaited move, and we are so happy we made the jump, but it definitely uprooted my business and had me starting over in a new area!  The best thing about the uprooting, is I had a completely new client base to reach out to, and completely new opportunities to gain from.  And it has been AWESOME.  I’ve gained this amazing family as one of my new clients!



The thing I like the best about being in business, is it is always growing and changing.  There’s always something new for me to learn, or updates to make because I have learned so much.  It’s been a big year for B. Young Forever Photography, there’s been lots of changes, and I’ve had some really awesome opportunities that have helped me to figure out what it is that I like to photograph best.  What gets my heart pumping!!  It’s been so much fun.  I’ve gotten to do some family photography, kids in action, some events, product photography, business photography, headshots, and have started venturing off in off camera flash.  There’s no better feeling than increasing knowledge and talent on my own accord, and then applying it to my business so it, too, can grow.


But as we know, with growth in talent, comes a growth in prices!  I’m very excited about this, because it means the quality and value of the services I will be able to offer my clients is going up!  I’m also starting to have more of a specialization in services, and narrowing down what I do want to provide, and what I don’t want to provide!  If you’re not sure if what you’re looking for falls within what I shoot, just send me an email and lets talk about it!


With an increase in quality of services and pricing, I wanted to give my fellow clients, friends and family a heads up that the increase is COMING!  On January 15th, my new pricing will be in effect, and the old pricing out the window!!  If you like the old pricing, now is your chance to grab a hold of it!  Any sessions paid for with a signed contract by January 15th (does not have to be scheduled) will receive the current pricing on your chosen package.  These packages are set to go up by almost double the cost, so grab your session at this cost while you can!  Be sure to support as many small businesses as you can for the holidays, and Small Business Saturday!  Hope to capture your life in photos soon…


Happy Holidays from BYFP!

Life in Photos ~ November 2014, Part 3

Life in Photos ~ November 2014, Part 3

It’s been such a fun month of friends birthdays, beach trips, field trips, time with family, and enjoying this fabulous fall weather.  This post is really a random spattering of that fun throughout the month.  No rhyme or reason.  Just some lovely life in photos for you to enjoy.


2014-11-26_0012Jordi was determined to get these bubbles open.  I didn’t want her to because, well, she would pour them all over herself!  She found herself a toothpick from the cupcakes, and went to town on poking through the foil.  Smart kid.

2014-11-26_0011I love that it is, pretty much, always beach weather, and that we always have friends who want to meet us there!

2014-11-26_0013 2014-11-26_0014 2014-11-26_0015 2014-11-26_0016Budding face paint artist, Bella, gave out free face paintings at our Thanksgiving Celebration Park Day.  She did an amazing job!  These kids looked so cute.  I love their creative spirits.

2014-11-26_0017 2014-11-26_0018 2014-11-26_0019 2014-11-26_0020Jordi, felt super-cape flying in the wind, as she masters this big kid swing at the ripe age of 2.  She’s so courageous and independent.



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Life in Photos ~ November 2014, Part 2

Life in Photos ~ November 2014, Part 2

I feel super lucky as a homeschooling mom to have found such an amazing homeschooling group.  We seriously get to go on the COOLEST field trips!  Tuesday’s are Field Trip days, and we are usually always excited for whatever the adventure is!  One of our field trips this month was on a tour through the Newport Beach Police Department.  I think I have mentioned this before, but one of my fave things about homeschooling, is that I am also a life learner alongside my kiddos, and I’m learning so much cool stuff!  Sometimes Curren will educate me on some neat facts she has learned on her own time, too 😉  it’s really fun.


Anyway, here’s the photos from the Newport Beach Police Department!  My kids were not sure what exactly the “police department” was before we got there.  I asked them if they knew what it meant to be in jail, and they said “that’s when someone does something really bad, so they get locked up in a cage for a long time!”  Somewhat of an accurate description, kids!



2014-11-26_0001We had a very awesome and sweet volunteer crew leading us around the department.

2014-11-26_0004They had their own shooting range inside their not very big building!  They gave us all the safety briefings, and taught the kids what they should do if they ever come across another child with a gun.  The kids came up with some good solutions!

2014-11-26_0002Clear your weapon!


2014-11-26_0006 2014-11-26_0007They got to see some neat things, climb through the police car and see inside, they saw the juvenile detention center and holding room (they definitely thought it was boring in there and said they would NEVER do anything bad to be taken there!), the entrance to the jail, and met the jailer!  I think they were most excited to get a Newport Beach Police Department sticker, similar to the patch below.

“Stop in the name of the law!”

2014-11-26_0005The 911 dispatch room.  We thought this was pretty neat.  There were no serious calls that came in while we were there!

2014-11-26_0009 2014-11-26_0008Our attempt at a group photo in front of the department.  It was a great time!



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Life in Photos ~ November 2014, Part 1

Life in Photos ~ November 2014, Part 1

I’m a lover of all things fall and holiday, cold weather, sweatshirts and boots, and drinking LOTS of coffee to keep me warm.  November has not let me down in this area!  So here I am, again at the end of the month, trying to catch up with all of the life I’ve caught in photos this month.  Just wait for December…I’m am a Christmas FREAK!  I imagine I might want to post all sorts of projects and what not that we do  🙂


So while this post doesn’t really have anything to do with fall, it has to do with the spirit of giving.  One of Curren’s fave friends, Emily, turned 6 this month.  We found this cool article by Red Ted Art that we wanted to try our hand at.  Please note that this woman is FAR more talented at sewing than we are! Haha!  We got the general idea from this article, but I certainly did not go to the extent that she did.  I had to credit her adorably cute idea, because it certainly did not come from my brain!  We went to Michael’s craft store to buy our supplies.  A photo box, some jeweled stickers, miniature furniture items intended for mini doll houses, and a “sew together doll set”.  We also had some scraps at home to make the bedding that we came up with, as well as some fun paper to make the “bedroom carpet”.  I loved how insistent she was to do as much as she could by herself, and she did an excellent job!  I felt all gooey and maternal that my 6 year old was beginning her love of sewing creations.  She’s stoked to try more to give out as Christmas gifts!


2014-11-25_0002Sewing together some doll pieces…

2014-11-25_0004 2014-11-25_0005 2014-11-25_0006The doll’s new bedroom set!

2014-11-25_0003She even was able to continuously thread her own needle.  Proud mommy!

2014-11-25_0001So here’s the finished product below.  Unfortunately, the project took us some time that I forgot to use my big girl camera to take photos when we were done!  These iPhone photos will have to suffice  😉  Curren sewed the little pink pillow all by herself, with a real needle!  She did a great job.  This is an adorable idea if you have any younger girls you’re wanting to give a creative, different gift to!



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Oh, to be young again…

Oh, to be young again…

I got to shoot my first senior session this last weekend, and oh my gosh, how much fun!  There’s just something about a subject like a high school senior, getting ready to go out and live their dreams, conquer the world, and you get to capture that wonder, that intensity, that beauty.  Not only that, but they will do whatever you ask them to!  It’s a far cry from shooting children, where you have to just catch them as they go  😉  Check out this session we shot in downtown Santa Ana and Irvine.  She’s pretty gorgeous!   2014-11-19_0023 2014-11-19_0022 2014-11-19_0021 2014-11-19_0025 2014-11-19_0024 2014-11-19_0030 2014-11-19_0029 2014-11-19_0028 2014-11-19_0026 2014-11-19_0027 2014-11-19_0031 2014-11-19_0032 2014-11-19_0033 2014-11-19_0034 2014-11-19_0035 2014-11-19_0036 2014-11-19_0037 2014-11-19_0039 2014-11-19_0038 2014-11-19_0040 2014-11-19_0041 2014-11-19_0042 If you are interested in capturing your senior beauty, contact me today!