Zion National Park and Angel’s Landing Hike {Huntington Beach Traveling Photographer}

Zion National Park and Angel’s Landing Hike {Huntington Beach Traveling Photographer}

Last year, (I know, I’m going back to last year, still!) my husband and I went on a much needed trip.  After a 14 day, 40 hour road trip with 3 girls under the age of 5, a Great Dane, and an 8 hour wedding to shoot in the middle of it all, we needed a BREAK!  We locked our minions in the house (just kidding, the grandmas took care of them), and we got to disappear for 4 days of rest, relaxation, getting lost, and extremely high hiking!  Our first stop was Vegas.  What adult doesn’t love Vegas??  Ok, maybe not everyone loves Vegas, but we do.  The lights, the awe, people out having the times of their lives at all hours of the day, and the amazing food.  Vegas is the place that I can stuff myself beyond all capabilities, and still go back for more.  I don’t know how I make the room, but it happens!  Vegas was a quick trip because we quickly headed out to Utah to hike in Zion National Park, by my request.

Utah is a beautiful state.  We drove through it in the heat of summer on our road trip, and swore we would never come back (we don’t deal well with heat!).  The landscape and red rocks lured me back.  Our first day trying to hike Zion, we got what felt like beyond lost.  We ended up going on Kolob Terrace Road, which takes you up to the very top, latitudinally, of Zion National Park.  I couldn’t believe the views on this drive.  Spectacular, amazing, terrifying, this drive had it all.  Apparently this is a popular drive, but we had no clue where we were, and thought we were lost in a serious way with low gas and no phone signal.  What does one do in that situation?  Well, when you’re my husband, you drive on!  After miles of cows feeding, open fields, and lots of what looked like dead trees:

B Young Forever-128

we finally found a person (yay!!!!) who spoke very little English, but was able to direct us down the right dirt path, which forked not too long later, and we came across yes another good samaritan to point us down the next dirt road.  How do these people know there way around all these dirt roads at the top of this huge mountain?!?  I did not know.  But I appreciated their direction, which took us down the steepest dirt road on the side of a mountain cliff I have ever been on.  Pardon me, but I didn’t take many pictures on this day, as my terror took over my desire to take photos.  It was downright scary!  I think my husband was scared, too, but he won’t admit.  Anyway, we eventually made it down from the tallest mountain I had ever driven on, and vowed to try hiking again the next day.

Luckily, the bed and breakfast we stayed at gave us some great directions to get to the entrance of Zion National Park.  We stayed at this really great place called the Seven Wives Inn (http://www.sevenwivesinn.com/) which has some really interesting history to it.  In the 1800’s, after polygamy was outlawed, the owners of this home used the attic to hide polygamists.  The house got it’s name “Seven Wives Inn” because the owner was hiding his own seven wives in the attic!  I checked out the attic of this house.  Those women must have been extremely friendly with one another to hide in such a small space!  Anyhow, the place was really neat.  I love old houses and exploring them, especially when I don’t have young children with me.  This was quite a treat!

B Young Forever-166

B Young Forever-165

B Young Forever-161

B Young Forever-160

B Young Forever-159

B Young Forever-162

B Young Forever-163

B Young Forever-164

B Young Forever-188

B Young Forever-189

B Young Forever-187



Our cute little room was once occupied by a woman (and her children) named Carolyn.  It even had a footed bath (I was too busy taking a bath in it to take a photo!).  Adorable house and property, and the inn keepers, once Southern Californians themselves, were so awesome!  They made this amazing breakfast to order, which came with the room fee, as well as a pretty yummy cup of coffee and juice.  I was impressed with this place.  We will be going back!  Anyway, so these inn keepers gave us some great directions to Zion, and off we went on yet another adventure, this time hopefully to hike Angels Landing.  And off we went!  This is how I include myself in photos…

B Young Forever-158

So we did make it to Zion.  I’ll let you see the photos to see it’s true beauty, which can only be fully appreciated in person.  I mean seriously, this place is glorious.  We hiked one of the most strenuous hikes in Zion, called Angel’s Landing.  2.5 miles of the most strenuous hiking my legs have done in 31 years!  It was AWESOME.  Check these out…

B Young Forever-122

B Young Forever-121

B Young Forever-116

B Young Forever-120

Look at those cliffs!  It was amazing!  Quite exhilarating to be up so high.  What a view!  Ok, look on…

B Young Forever-119

B Young Forever-118

B Young Forever-130

An iPhone photo of me (because nobody is allowed to use my baby up on a cliff like that!) after finishing this climb like a champ!

B Young Forever-129

The husband and I, who was super freaked out watching me scale the side of this cliff.  Look how steep it was!  You have to hold on to chains to pull yourself up and bring yourself down. It’s pretty amazing.  This wasn’t the most dangerous part, but I kept getting in trouble by this guy in the picture every time I would pull out my camera.  He kept thinking I was going to fall off the side or something.  I was totally fine  😉

B Young Forever-131

B Young Forever-127


The next photo is, at this point, my all time favorite photo I have taken.  I’ve been wanting to take a middle of the road photo for some time, but never found just what I was looking for.  How beautiful is this?  My husband spotted me to make sure I wouldn’t get mowed over by any tour busses.  Isn’t he sweet?  Anyway, fave picture.  Below.

B Young Forever-126

B Young Forever-124

B Young Forever-123


There you have it.  Zion National Park, a gorgeous place to behold.  Thanks for looking!  I hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I enjoyed taking them. You can see more photos similar to these in my Fine Art gallery here http://www.byoungforeverphotography.com/memories-stored-here/fine-art/