Love Reunited {San Diego Homecoming Photographer}

Love Reunited {San Diego Homecoming Photographer}

Military homecomings are close to my heart.  The excitement, the nervousness, wondering what it’s going to be like to see them again and hold them in your arms, being able to actually physically touch them and know they are home and ok.  It’s a feeling that can’t be explained, but it is quite an amazing feeling.  I remember welcoming home my husband after 13 months of deployment.  It still ranks in the top 4 best days of my life, only to be topped by the birth of our children.  There was a happiness and inner peace in having him home, I felt whole again.  It was because of my experience in having my own loved one home that I joined the organization called “Welcome Them Home”, which you can access here:  This amazing organization matches up photographers who are willing to offer their services to photograph the homecomings of military personel coming home from deployment.  Lindsay found me through Welcome Them Home, and I was honored to attend her husband, Jeremy’s homecoming to photograph them reuniting from (thankfully!) his last deployment.  It was just as I remembered it, and the military made us wait a few hours, as they are so good at doing.  There was a beautiful sunset, great weather, lots of people!  Hours passed, the sun set, some people went home, and night came upon us.  In the glowing headlights of the remaining cars, we waited for Jeremy to arrive.  It was an emotional roller coaster as he showed up, surprised Lindsay sneaking up on her, and I watched them reunite.  Quite a beautiful thing, and I had not a dry eye.  So here are a few photos of the homecoming.  Thank you to Lindsay for asking me to take these photos for you, and THANK YOU to the Howell family for your dedicated service to our country.  WELCOME HOME!


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It’s a Beautiful Life {Huntington Beach Birth Photographer}

It’s a Beautiful Life {Huntington Beach Birth Photographer}

I’m hooked.  On June 14th, I had an incredible experience photographing the birth story of little baby Jenevieve.  I’ve had 3 kids myself, and of course, it was a beautiful.  I loved every minute of it.  My mom took pictures for me, and I treasure them dearly.  However, it is quite a different experience to watch another family welcome a new life.  The awe and the love that come from looking at those squinty little eyes, counting those fingers and toes, kissing those squishy cheeks, and holding the precious baby that you have been dreaming about for 9 months.  There is just nothing like it.  I must thank the H family for allowing me in to document this day in their life.  I am so grateful.  I hope these are images you can treasure for the rest of your life as your family grows!  Happy birthday to baby Jenevieve, and congratulations to the H family on their new addition!  Here is just a snippet from their morning welcoming their baby…


B Young Forever-24

B Young Forever-25

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Summer love and a boy who’s 1 {Redlands Family Photographer}

Summer love and a boy who’s 1 {Redlands Family Photographer}

A good friend of mine came back to Redlands for a vacation, and so we could see her sweet little boy turn 1!  Lucky for me, she asked for some family photos while she was home, and some photos of Alekzander becoming a toddler.  What fun it was!  I haven’t had to chase a kid that hard for photos in some time.  That is one busy momma!  Here’s a few photos from their session.  We will miss you when you go back home!

B Young Forever-40

Boudoir Beauty in a Field

Boudoir Beauty in a Field

I had the privilege to photograph a very brave, very beautiful woman in a field with gorgeous light.  Not having ventured into boudoir photos previously, I put out a model casting hoping to find a woman who would allow me to capture her in her purest beauty.  There is something special I think boudoir photos capture, especially when it is a woman who concentrates daily on being a mother and wife.  You don’t always remember that you are also a beautiful woman, and boudoir photos capture that vulnerable beauty.  It was such a pleasure and so much fun to take these photos.  Thank you so much to my model, Debi, who put herself out there, and allowed me to capture some gorgeous photos of her!  Ladies, if you would like further examples of these photos to possibly book a session, they are available to view on request.  I will only blog photos I feel appropriate to put up for the world wide web to see!  Enjoy!





Saddling Up for Big Sky Country!

Saddling Up for Big Sky Country!

In 3 weeks, the fam and I will be loading up and road tripping out to Red Lodge, MT for a rustic, Big Sky Country wedding!  While the bride and her family are a long time friends since childhood, I am honored to be capturing the beauty of these two ceremoniously joining their lives together, as well as their families.  I imagine this trip is going to be SO MUCH FUN!  So check back for an update to check out our adventures, and some wedding photos!  I was perusing the engagement photos I took of Meghan and Josh in January, and found some photos that didn’t get shared last time.  Enjoy these, and come back soon!